Monday, March 29, 2010

The Quest for Lord Stanley's Cup!

With just over a week left in the NHL season, it is time to look back at the players, teams and moments that defined it.

Here are my top picks and a bold prediction:

1. Best Player:

Richard "Coldlegs" Vallencourt
(Montreal Canadians)

The pride of Cambellton, New Brunswick, Dick (as he is called by me) is best known for an unconventional style. Rarely seen in full pants, he almost always acquires frostbite during a game. That is of course, unless he is scoring 12 goals a game like he did on Nov. 12th against Boston.

He will end the season with well over 18 points.

2. Best Goalie

Travis Fulton

(Boston Bruins)

The son of a former ballet dancer, Travis is grace on ice. His record of 82 wins in a season seems almost impossible to beat at this point. Travis is known for his "stare down" of the opponents and his ability to eat the most chicken before a game.

Travis says his favourite player is all the children.

3. Most Surprising Team

1924 Hamilton Tigers

After 4 consecutive seasons finishing last overall in the standings the Tigers finally finished on top of the league. Unfortunately, being so surprised at finishing 1st, the players immediately went on strike out of excitement.

The team subsequently moved to New York.

4. Who is the Future?

Harry Leblanc

(Calgary Flames)

With a rookie year like Harry Leblanc had how can you look to anyone else to build a team around? Sure he is young and has to leave every few minutes for his "ba-ba" but these are nit picky points. The stats speak for themselves:

56 goals

118 Assists

400 Shots

Can walk to the couch without falling. Mostly.

5. Who will win the Stanley Cup this season?

These Guys!

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